Dreaming Shalom


Thus dreaming peace for Asian people is not simply a theoretical consideration, but a concrete life-and-death reality. Yet, how do we realize that dream and how to dream it from different religious and theological perspectives are urgent issues to be dealt with. The contents of this collection are papers borne out of the hard labors of many theological scholars from over thirteen Asian countries and beyond which were presented at our international theological conference on December 10-11, 2020. The actual participants stretch over many more countries. It was a hybrid virtual conference held via Internet on site at the campus of Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan.


7˙Introduction to Dreaming Shalom ◆Huang Po Ho

9˙Opening Elucidation: Shalom as an Imperative Thrust of Theology ◆Huang Po Ho

13˙Religious nationalism: an ideological construct to protect predatory capitalism ◆ M. P. Joseph

20˙Liberation or Assimilation: Is this Peace? ◆ Wati Longchar

Section I Pluriform Communities in Asia: Promise and Challenge

27˙Pluriform communities: A Biblical Enquiry ◆ Gloria Lita D. Mapangdol

40˙Toward a Gendered, Happy, and Pluriform Community: a Reflection of a Feminist Muslim Woman ◆Dewi Candraningrum

50˙Small as a Mustard Seed Yet Moving Mountains: the Faith of Pakistani Christian Women and its Role in the Witness of our Community in Pakistan ◆ Sheba Sultan

Section II Struggling for Reconciliation

67˙Victims of War as Agents of Peace: Narratives of War and Peace from Kebithigollawa ◆Shirley Lal Wijesinghe

88˙A Political Theologian Looks at the Issue of the Reunification of Korea ◆ Jin Kwan Kwon

95˙Kairos Palestine: Struggle to be the People of God ◆ Ranjan Solomon

105˙Violence and Cultural Alienation of Kachin Indigenous People ◆ Layang Seng Ja

116˙Burmanization ◆Pum Za Mang

Section III Inter-faith/ Religious Relations

129˙Revisit Interfaith Relations from the Perspective of God's Creation ◆Huang Po Ho

142˙Enlightenment of the Peace from the Interreligious Dialogue of Raimundo Panikkar ◆ Jacob Lee Mao-Jung

154˙A Critical Review of John Cobb's Mutual Transformation Proposal to Religious Conflict ◆Jin Cheol Oh

174˙Asian Biblical Theology And Filial Piety (Xiao) ◆Marvin A. Sweeney

196˙Categorical Engagement in Christian Confucian Dialogue for Peace ◆K. James Wu

219˙Takaki Senemon's Faith in Eschatology in the 19th Century Japanese Society ◆ Mariko Yakiyama

238˙Closing Message ◆Limala Longchar

242˙Book Review: Knitter, Paul R. 1985. No Other Name? A Critical Survey of Christian Attitudes Toward the World Religions ◆ Marc Grenier


258˙Appendix 1. Conference Agenda

263˙Appendix 2. Introduction to Institutes/Organizations

269˙Appendix 3. Introduction to Contributors

276˙Appendix 4. List of Participants

278˙Appendix 5. Pictures