What Is New about Reading the Bible with New Eyes?


The content of this book is divided into three parts with an appendix; the first part focuses on theological discourse on biblical hermeneutics and the role of contextuality; the second part is reflections from the contexts of Taiwan; the third part provides biblical illustrations; finally, for the sake of memory, we put a brief introduction of the contributors and program schedule of the consultation in the appendix.


7 ̇Introduction / Huang Po Ho

Part I Theological Discourse on Biblical Hermeneutics and the Role of Contextuality

13 ̇Walking Makes the Way: Possible Paths and Changes / Paulo Ueti

20 ̇Roots of Crashing Encounters
23 ̇The path Is Made by Walking
26 ̇Desiring the Path and Accepting Its Consequences
30 ̇Matching the Other's Pace - Beginning with Reality
34 ̇Creating Space for Prayer: Disseminating the Potential of the Text
(Body, Writing and Speech)
38 ̇Suspecting Silence, Hearing Silence: What Isn't Said, What Isn't
39 ̇Listening: Letting the Other Speak, Learning from the Other
42 ̇Which Texts, Which Theology? Choices and Attitudes
46 ̇Hospitality - Caring as a Hermeneutic Key to Recognizing the
Word (Jesus)
48 ̇Religion: Reconnecting with the Community, Continuing the
Mission, Transforming Life
49 ̇The Text Approaches You and You Approach the Text
52 ̇Facilitation - Being Midwives, Not Professors
58 ̇Resuming, Continuing

61 ̇"You Shall Have No Other Gods": A Critique of the Neoliberal
Economic System / M. P. Joseph

62 ̇Absolutism of Neoliberal Capitalism
63 ̇Religion of Growth
66 ̇Earth: Victim of Economic Growth
67 ̇De-growth to Sustain Life
68 ̇Anthropocentrism Is Not the Problem
69 ̇The Widening Gap between the Rich and the Poor
70 ̇Militarization - Fascism
74 ̇Text to Become Gospel
74 ̇Jesus: Victim of Absolutes

76 ̇Christianity and Religious Pluralism / Rienzie Perera

76 ̇Chrisitanity and Asian Religions
77 ̇Reading the Bible in the Asian Context of Plural Religions
79 ̇Re-reading the Bible to Renew Our Inter-religious Relationships
81 ̇Revisiting the Christian Mission by Reading the Bible with New

Part II Reflections from the Contexts of Taiwan

85 ̇Methodological Approaches to Reading the Bible in the Contexts of Taiwan / Huang Po Ho

85 ̇Introduction
86 ̇The Word of God and Kerygma
88 ̇Historical Development of Biblical Hermeneutics
90 ̇Reading the Bible from Contexts
92 ̇Asian Attempts on Reading the Bible in Contexts
98 ̇Reading the Bible with New Eyes in Churches in Taiwan
99 ̇An Evaluation of the Reading the Bible with New Eyes
Movement in Taiwan

101 ̇Mata and Roziq (eyes) - The Encounter of Indigenous Peoples
with the Bible / Omi Wilang

112 ̇The Taiwan Ecumenical Forum for Justice and Peace (TEF) / Victor Hsu

Part III Biblical Illustrations

119 ̇A Re-reading of the Palm Sunday Narratives - Scripture Reading: St. Mark 11:1-11 / Jason Selvaraj

119 ̇Introduction
120 ̇Re-reading the Narratives of Palm Sunday
125 ̇Conclusion

129 ̇The Magnificat: Recovering the Prophetic Voices in the Church Today-Luke 1:46-55 / Gloria Mapangdol

130 ̇Was the Magnificat Originally Mary's?
132 ̇How Was the Magnificat Described/Understood?
133 ̇What Does the Magnificat Say and What Does It Do with
Re-thinking the Mission?
138 ̇Conclusion: The Magnificat

139 ̇"Un-covering" and "Re-covering" Rhoda: A Feminist
Perspective: Acts 12:12-17 / Yak-hwee Tan

140 ̇Introduction
141 ̇The Acts of the Apostles - From the Beginning...
142 ̇Methodological Considerations
145 ̇A Socio-literary Analysis of Acts 12:12-17
148 ̇A Feminist Perspective of Acts 12:12-17
149 ̇"Un-covering" and "Re-covering" Rhoda
151 ̇Conclusion


154 ̇Appendix 1. Conference Agenda
157 ̇Appendix 2. Introduction of the Contributors