Grace Foundation is a foundation for the promotion of Theological Education in the cultural context of Taiwan. It was funded by Mr. Frank Lin and Mrs. Ruth Norris Duncan Lin in 1998 and registered to Tainan City Government in 1995.

Frank and Ruth was a couple who devoted to the Lord. They lived a life according to the teachings of the Bible. They concerned deeply the patients of leprosy and polio and served them with love of Jesus Christ. Their righteous deeds were praised by the Taiwanese people and awarded "the Prize of Medical Dedication" by the President of Taiwan. They were philanthropists and donated a lot of lands and money to church and organization of social welfare. They founded Grace Foundation for impelling the theological education in Taiwan and academic exchange between Taiwan and the USA where Ruth was from.


The main purpose of Grace Foundation is to encourage good theologians in Taiwan to participate in church ministry and to promote the harmony of the society.


  • To grant fellowship to faculty of theology & scholarship and fellowship to student of theology.

  • To impel exchange program of theological education between Taiwan and foreign countries.

  • To hold or sponsor research, lectureship, consultation, workshop, forum and cultural activity related to the Bible and theology.

-Academy for Contextual Theologies in Taiwan (ACTT)-

The Academy for Contextual Theologies in Taiwan (ACTT) is a contextual theological movement established under the patronage of Grace Foundation. More than twenty years after the establishment of the Foundation, its Board of Trustees determined to establish the ACTT in order to forge the strong commitment and supports of its founders Frank and Ruth Lin, for a profound and relevant theological education and Theological construction root in the contexts of Taiwan. Although ACTT is dedicated to the studies and development of contextual theologies in Taiwan, our purpose is not only to emphasize on theological knowledge, but also to strengthen and deepen Christian faith and praxis. Especially, we intend to follow the spirit of its founders, who served the Lord with love through devotion to preaching the Gospel, establishing churches, supporting theological education, and taking care of the downtrodden and minority in the society.

The aim of the ACTT is to promote the study of Taiwanese contextual theologies by engaging young scholars to form research teams to do theologies through operating Theological Salon, holding domestic and international theological conferences, and publishing theological books and articles. We aim to preserve the legacy of Taiwanese contextual theologies and developing promising new frontiers.

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